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Welcome to my little space. I’m tickled pink that you are here.

I’m Jillian Dean. I grew up in South Carolina and fell in love and married with my college best friend in Charleston, South Carolina. We have three beautiful girls and one boy that represent a promise fulfilled that is dripping in redemption. We bought my husband’s grandmothers retirement home in 2021 and are renovating one room at a time.

As you read along, I share some of my favorite products. On some posts, there may be a link attached where I earn for qualifying purchases. I am always honest about a product and will never endorse something I don’t whole heartedly love or believe in. If I’m being paid for a product, it will be disclosed in the post.

I love making new friends, long conversations, gift giving, a hot cup of coffee, psychology, anything Dolly inspired, and listening to books on Audible while I do everyday tasks. I hope you find inspiration for DIY, wellness, recipes and more here.

And if you want a new friend, I’m your girl.