I think for me, the days following this Easter have been more exhausting than the past 15 Easters in ministry. While we may have had a world record of fires or things breaking in our home; we saw that coming.

It wasn’t the to-do list because, truly, our staff kept it simple and had serve teams and church families fill every gap. The day itself was one I will never forget, and some of the most precious people’s lives have changed forever. We had our beloved MJ with us on her first Easter. For days, I have been racking my brain, unsure of why everything felt so heavy.

It was this…

Because when you understand the cost of the greatest sacrifice, you also understand the weight of eternity.

This hit me hard becuase the days following Easter almost felt like a cloud of grief. The cost of the original Easter weighed on my mind and soul like never before, a sympathetic grief of what it must have felt like for the disciples.  The unknown of the return of their Savior and what the next 40 days would be as they scrambled to figure out Matthew 28 together. I can only imagine what thoughts and depletion they must have felt. From the death, the expectant resurrection, and the unknown in between.

I’ve felt that more than ever in the last three years. The highs, the lows, and waiting for the unknown. The disciples felt that too but they didn’t stop no matter what. I pray this year that urgency doesn’t leave me because while Jesus saved me long ago, without Him, I”m just a lost “disciple.”

I hope you had a Happy Easter ✝️ and you know just how worth it you are to Him.