I’m a big fan of meal planning mainly because I love my planner but also because I dread getting home from work and being out of an ingredient or food going to waste. During Quarantine, I’ve become a master of throwing odds and ends together from the cupboard and fridge and making healthy meals, quickly. We were determined to not fall prey to the COVID-19 lb. gain– it wasn’t easy but we made it.

While we weren’t perfect, we ventured out and tried some new things when our staples were out. While I am a fan of planning, I’m also a fan of budget friendly healthy meals. So one day, when the ZOOM meetings went long and the toddlers had asked what’s for dinner more times than I can count, I scrambled to the deep freeze and dinner was on the table in about 30 minutes.

This was a hit for all (35 and under) and the Chickpea noodles weren’t even noticed, SHHH. I’ll post the recipe below. I try to keep my homemade pesto on hand and stored in mason jars, we make a lot of homeade gluten free pizza on family dinner nights.