One of my favorite restaurants in my childhood hometown makes the best Salmon Patties in all of the Deep South. A friend and I would scour their monthly menu and mark the scheduled date as an event in our calendar. And to us it was, a lunch date full of sweet tea with lemon, a mixed basket of yeast rolls and cornbread, salmon patties, #8, #9 and #10 (mac & cheese). Yep, here it counts as a vegetable. Don’t believe me, R U N to Wade’s in Spartanburg, South Carolina… All the praise hands and wear your stretchy pants.

Now that I’m over 1,300 miles away from this glorious establishment and have to eat gluten free, I just had to recreate one of my favorite dishes. I admit, I sneak veggies in these patties and no one knows the wiser because they are filling and a family favorite. Sometimes we get fancy and top it with Greek Yogurt Jalapeño Dressing for a KICK. Now if someone could tell me how to make FLUFFY gluten free yeast rolls, that would be worth marking on the calendar for sure.