When I was pregnant with Eliza Kate, I ordered specific laundry detergent to wash all her clothes in because of a sweet Mama telling me to make sure to wash all of their clothes separate because their bodies couldn’t handle some of the ingredients. Already being diagnosed with Celiac, I was no stranger to ingredients and began to research the ones in my most coveted laundry detergents. I was blown away with the findings that the word FRAGRANCE could mean over 3,000 chemicals added to personal products like these, hormone disrupters like diethylene glycol and others that are pack full of information that can cause issues with infertility, respiratory, and skin irritants.

If you don’t have the THINK DIRTY APP, check it out. It’s a library of info for all the products we are putting on our biggest organ, our skin.

The savings on detergent was a no brainer. I typically do 1-2 loads of laundry a day (4 people in our home). We are really active so I have to keep up. It’s Spring and due to all the outdoor activities, we do more laundry during this part of the year. I knew I couldn’t stretch our pocketbook to just make the switch so a friend shared this recipe with me. We’ve had the same 32 oz. bottle of Thieves Detergent since August and I have 1/3 left, which I estimate I will have halfway through summer, almost lasting close it a year.

This detergent has IMMUNE support, it cuts grease like crazy (hello all the wild toddlers over here), and makes your clothes smell like Christmas. I mean all this and more for less than $3 a month.

These are the bottles I use: https://amzn.to/3BeHMCd.

This hack has been one I’ve shared so many times and it’s one of my faves! Have any plant based hacks you can share? Drop them below the recipe!

XOXO, Jillian