During the winter break of my Senior year in college, James was headed to go see his grandparents and my room mate and I tagged along. It was a just friends trip and I don’t think I could ever turn down a good old road trip. We pulled up the gravel drive and unloaded our things. It was nearing bedtime when we arrived, so his grandmother, lovingly known as Nana, went upstairs and guided us to the rooms where we would sleep. I remember walking in the room— the glow of the lamps reflected off the fluffed up quilts. The electric blankets were turned on and ready for us as we put our belongings away. As I slide into the warmth of the bed, it was so cozy and made me feel like I was staying at the sweetest Bed & Breakfast. It may not seem like much but it was something I will always remember, the care and extra steps Nana took to make me feel at home.

One day, when I was changing sheets on our kids beds and I had the flash back of this memory. There’s just certain chores in our life that seem mundane and suck the joy out, so in her memory, I decided we should start a weekly turn down service.The girls help take sheets off the beds and when we do our weekly reset of our home, they find a piece of candy or treat waiting for them on their beds. It’s all the fun of staying in a hotel. But like when traveling, there’s just nothing quite like your own bed, but nothing is better than chocolate on your bed.

When we moved, the one request my girls had when we moved was that their room HAD to be PINK. I like more blues and subtle pastels or neutrals but they were absolutely so pumped about their pink room. Shockingly they loved the color, Intimate White from Sherwin Williams and I scaled it back about 25% to make it more a little neutral.

I loving doing a glow up on a budget. I will show you the before and after of bringing life to their room.

I know James’ grandmother would of loved the PINK and loved the treats even more. She was a lover of all things “sweet.”

One thing we had to add to make this space more of a sanctuary is a “calm corner.” There’s books that they can read on emotions, feelings, and how to work on changing those brain pathways. I love finding the girls curled up on the nugget or doing yoga poses, rolling on KidPower or Calm, and working to change their attitude.

We usually have our Snowy Owl going with Eucalyptus or Thieves when we do our reset and makes the space smell like a DREAM.

My favorite part of the room is the Navy Crocheted blankets that Mrs. Sharon made for the girls one year for Christmas. We love them and it adds such a sweet layer to our turndown time! I will add a gallery of some more photos below and add the links, just in case you find something you like!